Standards either in form of an organization policy or a public method and library can save an individual or a company. A document format policy for prototype documentation of an organization e.g. storyboards or a common well known grid library e.g. Telerik are all examples of standards. Standards in developers’ eyes have no usages rather than slowing them down and preventing them from plummeting in code. Well this is completely a myth since standards are bringing organizations!

At whatever stage of application life cycle you are you should establish standards before starting anything else. By having standard at place every one from the architect to the end user knows what approach to conform. For instance without a standard for data display a large application UI design confuses the end user and developer at the same time. The developer probably spends a lot of time searching to find a method for rendering and the end user should invest a lot of time learning each application form separately because interfaces are not consistent. It is not the end of story since every single developer does the search and each investigation leads to one implementation. Therefore to get your developer mind together and also to share the knowledge among team members one needs the standard.

When standard is missing troubleshooting is a burdensome job. No one is interested to debug a problem without knowing where to start! Standards by their nature assure you that there are problems everywhere or nowhere at all either you are using a global and renowned vendor standard or you have developed your autonomous company standards. Thus if one is facing a problem that is unique one can skip those modules or components that are developed according to standards and investigate other parts using a local approach. Moreover if you find a way to resolve one case’s error you can expect same solution to apply to next incoming disasters. Furthermore finding solution for non-standard approaches are quiet difficult even if you know what causing the problem because you can acquire nobody’s help since no one else before you went down that road.

Standards organize a company or individual’s development process if they are established before other actions are taken. Although standards if proven to be wrong can cause a great damage the best way to keep the knowledge and accelerate development process is establishing standards. Flow of knowledge and experience between team members are simpler and faster by standards and this leads to the faster development and better quality of final product.

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