Engineering is a general concept and a software engineer should adopt this general concept and expand it to reflect best of one as an engineer. Engineering principals can be explored in two distinct categories. First Engineers should be committed to some moral codes; Codes such as being honest or responsible. Second producing the best-quality product should be the goal of each engineer. Consequently to develop the best product a software engineer should strive to develop a maintainable product. Despite maintainability using the optimum solution and the most recent technology is a most.

The nature of what an engineer do is different from other professions and this difference is the reason for engineers to follow some moral codes. A dealer does not have to have a productive attitude because they just try to sell what engineers produce. Simply put they do not have the responsibility of supporting what have been produced. Therefore no matter what quality the product has they just advertise things that may not be totally real. In addition to dealers which can be seen as the endpoints clients are dealing with, the mindset of engineers are different than scientists (as the first people to start innovations) too. It is true that engineers base their works on top of what scientists do but they do matter regarding cost and quality. 

Maintainability can dramatically reduce from later costs of development. Maintainability in software engineering is more tangible because software engineers are different from other groups of engineers. This difference is caused from the fact that there are rare occasions that software engineers are not forced to change what they have produced either because of a mistake in requirement analysis or the client new requirement. As a matter of fact software development has an incessant life cycle. Thus without qualities such as maintainability and re-usability the cost of change is so high simply because the time to make the changes is high.

Engineers should know that feasibility most of the time is not the real issue but implementation of the idea in the time frame constraint and the cost are. To decrease the time of development engineers should choose the most appropriate tools and methods. Most of the time new technologies reduce the time of development therefore to be familiar with new technologies a software engineer should always be updated. Moreover they should employ creative solutions in order to contract time of development. The first solution that strikes the mind is not always the best one and brain storming is needed to find the most optimum solution.

To sum up software engineers follow the same path as other engineers do except that software life cycle is never ending and this cause additional considerations in development. In addition to moral codes software engineers should obtain features such as maintainability and usage of recent technology that can affect the quality which is the foundation of any engineering justification. These criteria help software engineer to develop the best product having the lowest cost which is utopia for both the engineer and the client.

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